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Amazing properties of purple corn that will benefit you the most

Purple corn has captivated the culinary people for not only its bright purple color and potential of making dishes colorful, but scientists have also found that this Peruvian superfood is full of properties that can be harnessed to fight many diseases in humans. We have for you, 3 amazing properties of purple corn that has long lasting effects on human body and can help in many diseases as well.

What is purple corn

What is purple corn?
Purple con is another name for Blue corn or flint maize. It originates from Mesoamerica and people from Andes have been known to soak the kernels of this corn in water overnight to get a deep purple color for different food and drinks. It is found commonly in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. One of the most popular uses for purple corn has been in a smoothie like drink known as Inca’s dessert or Api. But apart from just giving other foods and beverages color, the purple corn itself is known to be beneficial in many health conditions, thanks to its immensely helpful 3 properties that help us as well.

Anti cancer properties

Anti cancer properties
Monica Giusti, an assistant professor of food science at Ohio State University, and her team performed extensive tests and experiments to determine the purple corn’s cancer fighting properties and potential. It contains something known as anthocyanins and these are extremely helpful in fighting cancer. The anthocyanin taken from purple corn had the most effect on reducing the in vitro cancer, as the smallest amount of anthocyanin from purple corn had the most effect on the cancer, reducing it by 50%. They also found that it killed 20% of in vitro cancer cells, leaving the surrounding tissue without doing any damage.

Purple corn beat Obesity
The purple corn anthocyanin C3G was mentioned in the Journal of Nutrition in 2003 for its properties in fighting obesity. In a study conducted on 4 groups of rats, with each group eating a high fat diet, it was found out that the group that was fed the high fat diet with C3G in it, showed less potential of developing obesity. There was no difference in the calorie consumption of all the four groups, but this group didn’t show any propensity towards any obesity markers like hyperglycemia or insulin resistance or growth in fatty tissue. Researchers observed that this anthocyanin C3G may have the potential to fight not only obesity, but also diabetics.

Anti inflammatory properties

Anti inflammatory properties
In the 2002 edition of the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, the anthocyanin C3G also showed the potential of reducing the inflammation in rats that were showing high inflammation that was induced by chemicals. Therefore the researchers have said and proved that anthocyanin C3G in purple corn may have high potential for benefits for people with acute inflammation problems.

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