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This guy suffered from nail biting and doctors found out something very bad on inspection

People have lots of habits that might seem to be harmless in start, but in the end make everything bad. This guy from Lancashire, Britain had a bad habit of biting his nails so badly, that they bled and he continued his habit despite his health problems. His habit led to him being hospitalized and doctors eventually found something more serious and dangerous.

The guy who was a nail biter

The guy who was a nail biter
John Gardener was just 40 years old when his habit of biting his nails became fatal for him in the most unfortunate way possible. 40 year old Briton from Lancashire Gardener was an amateur football referee who a bad habit of biting his nails constantly that he used to bite his nails until his fingers bled. His habit had become so severe that he had to visit the hospital many times in order to get his fingers checked out. Unfortunately for him, his latest trip to the ER became his last one as one more episode of his nail biting turned fatal for him as doctors found something that took his life.

What did the doctors found

What did the doctors found?
Doctor Daniel Vernon told that Mr. Gardener who was a diabetic and who had been treated for anxiety and depression had bitten the nails of his fingers to such an extent, that he had lost a lot of feeling and sensation in his nails. Doctor said his habit of chewing his nails caused septicaemia in his heart. This septic infection spread to his heart via his blood and doctors said “John’s nails were always in bad condition. It was likely they were often bleeding when he came to the doctors.” Mr. Gardener also had his lower right leg amputated in 2011 due to leg ulcers, a common problem with diabetics. The doctors initially amputated the tips of his fingers in order to stem the infection, but it was too late for him.
Nail biting took his life in the end
The septic infection reached his heart via his heart and this led to a fatal heart attack and caused death of Mr. Gardener. This shocked the doctors as he had shown signs of improvement with treatment. He had just turned 40 last September and he died just after few days of celebrating his 40th birthday. He had been diagnosed with diabetes at the age of only 10 months. Coroner Alan Walsh told Bolton Coroner’s Court, “This is a death of great sadness to everybody – his death happened so suddenly.”

Nail biting took his life in the end

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